The following question tests numeracy at roughly the skills level (Level 2) required for a maths GCSE A*-C pass.

We showed it to 2000 people, and on average only 1 in 4 people could answer it correctly.

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This image has been taken from a chocolate bar label. It shows how much energy, fat, sugars and salt the chocolate bar contains, as percentages of your daily reference intake (which used to be known as the guideline daily amount).

Which ONE, if any, of the following comes closest to what you calculated as the daily reference intake for sugars? *

Yes that's right! The answer is 90g.

That's the wrong answer. The correct answer is 90g.

20% of people thought the answer was 50g
15% of people thought the answer was 75g
6% of people thought the answer was 100g
3% of people thought the answer was 110g
24% said they didn't know the answer
26% of people got the right answer... 90g

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