Primary Pupils' Start of Pilot Survey 
We want to know what you think about maths! We'll ask a few more questions about this at the end of term too.

This questionnaire should take about 5-10 minutes to complete. Nobody will know your name, including us!

If there is a question you do not want to answer, just tick 'I do not want to answer this question'.
Let's go!
Which school do you go to? *

Imagine that someone said 'most children can learn maths'. 
Do you:

Do you think maths is important?

How do you feel about learning maths?

Skip the question if you don't want to answer

Do talk to anyone at home about maths?

How does this make you feel?

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If you have a problem with maths at school, who do you talk to about it?

Do you want your parents/carers to talk with you about maths?

What do you think about the maths homework you get at the moment?

Skip the question (scroll down) if you don't want to answer

Can you tell us why you think that?

If you and someone at home work on your maths homework together, what happens when you get stuck?

What kind of everyday activities do you do with your parents/carers?

Do your parents/carers ever talk to you about maths/numbers if you're doing these activities?

Do your parents ever tell you that they are not good at maths?

Is there anything else you would like to say about how your parents/carers help you with maths?

What else would you like to say?

Thank you for completing this survey! *

We are going to use this information to help other children and parents enjoy maths together.

If you decide you don't want us to use your answers, ask your teacher to let us know and we can delete them.

When the project is over, we'll delete all the answers.
Thank you very much for answering these questions!
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