Parent/Carer Start of Pilot Survey
Thank you for taking the time to answer this survey and for being a part of this project.

The purpose of this survey is to find out your current views and feelings about helping your child with maths. We will share overall findings with your child's school, who will use the information to better support parents. Your responses are anonymous.

We will invite you to complete a further survey at the end of this project to see whether the support materials work and how we can improve.

This survey should take about 5 minutes to complete.
Which school does your child attend? *

How would you prefer your child's school to communicate with you?

How often do you think your child will need to use maths throughout their lives?

To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

"Some people are naturally good at maths, some are not. You cannot change your ability to do maths."

How does doing maths make you feel?

Do you feel that you are positive about maths around your child?

What do you currently do if you need help with supporting your child's maths?

Which website(s)?

Do you enjoy helping your child with his/her maths homework?

Please tell us why

What do you currently do to support your child's maths learning?

You told us that you talk about maths in everyday life, what kind of activities would that include?

What, if anything, stops you from feeling able to help your child with maths?

What, if anything, stops you from feeling able to talk to staff at your child's school?

Do you feel that your child's school is a welcoming place?

Please tell us why. What could your child's school do to be more welcoming?

To your knowledge, does your child's school offer support and information to parents around helping children with maths?

What does it offer?

Do you feel this helps you to support your child's maths learning?

What would you like your child's school to do to make you feel more confident helping your child with maths?

To what extent do you agree with these statements:

My child will do better at maths if I help him/her with maths outside of school

Helping my child with learning maths is the teacher's responsibility, not mine.

I would have to be very good at maths to be able to help my child with maths.

I see lots of maths in everyday life.

You do not need maths to be successful in life.

National Numeracy believe that all data collecting should be of a high ethical standard.  For this reason we have to ask you to read the following: *

By completing this questionnaire you are indicating that you are giving your permission for the data collected to be used in an anonymous form in any written reports, presentations and published papers relating to this project.  We will pass on overall anonymous findings to your child's school but will never pass on the responses to any other agency.  All data will be destroyed once the project is complete.  At any time during the data collecting you are free to withdraw and to request the destruction of any data that have been gathered from you, up to the point at which data is aggregated for analysis.
Thank you for completing this survey! 

Your responses will help us make a better Parent Toolkit, and help your child's school better support parents/carers.
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